"we have REPRESENTED more than
81 brands world wide"


Contacting the right manufacturer

Our buying agents are located in USA, Honkong, Australia, Japan, Middle-east, India and Germany. We are strategically placed to provide service to clients from all over the world.

Communicate and meet

Our Centralised communication hub is able to coordinate requests and assign manufacturing responsibilities to well established factories.

sampling and production

We represent the buyers to ensure that Fabric Samples, Fit Samples, Print Samples, Packaging Samples are promptly organised and delivered to the client.


Inspection eliminates all possible anomalies that could arise out of manufacturing errors. Part of this is Confirmation of quantities, Confirmation of accessories, Size Spec inspection, Inside inspection, Third party inspection and packaging.

logistics management

Choosing the right shipping method is a major decision in garment manufacturing process. Based on the time line and order size choosing between Air Cargo, Air Courier, Sea shipping and also the local land transportation at the destination will all add to the total cost if not done in an efficient manner.

LC and shipping documentation

Our shipping agents and logistics team can handle sampling and also high volume documentations, Inspection certificates, country specific compliance certificates.